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I am alive
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  • thelittleblondapprentice:

    She put on the glove again, but didn’t get up, listening to his words. 
    She would probably have been a lot more suspicious if she could properly see him. The darkness, despite the moonlight she still couldn’t make out many of his features. 

    The sorceress fell silent when he was finished, thinking over his words. 
    Still unsure if he was to be trusted or not she got up, turning to face the man properly. 
    "I believe I could help you, the question is if I want to."  She threw a gaze towards the way she came from, wondering how Clarice, her white and grey speckled horse, was doing. She had a tendency to become nervous at night and Katja didn’t want to leave her alone for too long. 
    "Would you mind walking with me? I had no intention on staying here long and certainly not meeting someone who wants me to study whatever objects it is you have." 

    { ☩ } “It would be in your best interests, wouldn’t it?” He offered quietly, unobtrusively.  It was too restrained to be goading, but it was clearly meant to be persuasive.  He did not respond to her request, letting his actions speak for him as he fell into place at her side.  “have a good deal of time to spend.  Sometimes I forget to be courteous of others who do not have such allowances.”

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  • belmontavengerthethird:

    Simon only grunts between his feeding, his tongue lapping against his father’s exposed wrist, the sudden hunger as soon as he got a whiff of the crimson liquid. His father’s words were heard, but the man did not reply. The barbarian was distracted with the sweet taste on his tongue and his suckles turned to deeper gulps.


    { ☩ } He began to grimace as his son’s feeding began to sap more of his vitality.  He managed to guide them gracelessly to the floor, kneeling and stroking Simon’s broad, muscular back.  At length, it became to much and he hissed softly.  “That’s enough, son.  Simon. Stop.”  If his cub did not have the willpower to pull away, Trevor would be forced to backhand the man, slapping him back to his senses.  Alucard well knew the allure of the blood, stronger still for being kin.

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  • "Well, at least it made you more beautiful to get useful information out of almost anyone."

    { ☩ } “Interesting that you think so.  Any charm you think I may have gained from vampirism has been equally offset by it.  I have not had to resort to  seduction to accomplish my goals.

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  • Anonymous whispered:

    Alucard, your hair was originally dark how come it's white or very pale now?

    { ☩ } “Years of undeath — locked in torpor as the blood of the Dragon suffused my veins and reanimated my otherwise lifeless corpse — will render such physical changes…”

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  • Anonymous whispered:

    How would you feel to having a little sister?

    { ☩ } “I would not be eager or pleased to greet another of my father’s illicit brood — the Belmonts are cursed enough as it is — adding another, even a sister of my own blood, would not be something to celebrate.  Nevertheless, family is all I have left.”

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  • renatiinsanguinem whispered:

    Marie hugged onto him. "Alucard."

    { ☩ } The vampire glanced down at the pale brunette, face registering mild surprise and curiosity.

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  • abelmontinthecastle whispered:

    Innocence ( Adrian )



    The child shies away, eyes wide.  “Who are you?  …I—you shouldn’t be here.  This is a bad place for people like you.”

    Richter couldn’t help but smile, the boy picked quite a lovely name for the animal. The blue eyed hunter just reaches to offer a finger to the bat currently being smothered in Adrian’s arms, against his chest. “What a wonderful name. I love it. Do you have anymore pet bats you could show me?”

    The retort was unexpected, but Richter couldn’t help but chuckle. How defensive the blond child was. If Dracula was out, he would be safe for the time being. “Okay, okay. Since he’s out, did you want to show me around? You have a beautiful home.”

    { ♔ } The bat blinks sleepily at the hunter, chittering softly as it ruffles its wings against the boy’s chest.  “No, only Mircea is mine.  All the other bats belong to Papa.  But I asked if I could have this one, when he was a pup, and he said yes.”  He spoke softly to the little bat in Romanian, and the small thing’s flutterings quieted away, nestling lazily into his arms.

    "…" At first, Adrian looked suspiciously at Richter, unsure why this human man was in his home.  Probably a thief, or someone up to no good.  But he seemed nice, and Adrian so rarely got to speak to anyone new.  “…….Alright.  Do you want to see my room?”

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