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  • spirit-of-belnades:

    Sypha did not move away as he approached. As his hands reached for hers, she held hers out, waiting. Partly because she was afraid that this might not be real. That she would wake and be lost again.

    She remembered her final moments, how it felt as she died. No, she should not be here if that was true. But she was. Even Trevor questioned her presence. “I….do not…know, love.”

    { ☩ } He was struck by disbelief — that Sypha would so willingly accept him back; heedless of his wolven eyes and ashen skin.  He closed his hands around hers with a delicate, cautious touch, as if holding a fragile bird in his palm.

    His thumb ran along her knuckles as it so often would have — anything to touch, to feel.  She was real.  She was alive.  Her hands were warm and supple, and Alucard suddenly drew her close to him, crushing her body against his in an embrace that he wanted never to be parted from.

    "I don’t care." he murmured into her hair, arms wrapped around the curve of her waist and her back.  "I will not question whatever forces saw fit to return you to me.  My love, ah, Sypha."  He buried his face into her fiery curls, taking in the scent of her.  She had always smelled so good — like vellum, and oak, honey and hazelnut, fresh pine and lavender.  To him, at least.  And here it was again — only now his senses picked up the blood flowing beneath the flushed petals of her creamy skin, healthy and pumping through her veins.

    He trembled, a little, with the exertion of quelling the hunger that rose sharply in him. Not Sypha.  Not ever Sypha.  He closed his eyes against the roaring wave of thirst, hand rising to cup her face tenderly.  He pulled away, eyes open once more, and sought her own to judge what emotions had overtaken her, in turn.  He would be thrice damned before allowing any harm to come to her once more, not least of all by his own hand.

    "What will you do now, my love?  Whither will you go?"  —It was selfish, but he asked for his own gains.  He could not bear the thought of being parted from her.  Their separation had ever been, for him, like two halves of a whole split in twain, and only his return from his Brotherhood sojourns could mend the hollowness that was her absence.

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    bat!Soma (@ω@)

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    Twenty weeks old Gray wolf pups (Canis lupus) from the Sawtooth pack

    Pictures by Jim and Jamie Dutcher

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    My Carrie needs more people to bug. Or for people to bug her!

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  • asklittletrevor:

    "You…" Trevor couldn’t come up with the words at the moment, and so he did as his brother advised him, and let the world sink in. It did not help much—the strange people in such a great number, the ever-burning lamps, the great metal beasts, they all continued to baffle and intimidate him.

    Eventually he did calm down—he was still confused, but his brother was here, and nothing seemed to be causing any trouble, despite all the noise. Looking up at his brother, his head tilted and he wondered, for a moment, if this is what Alucard looked like when he had been human—and thus, would be what he himself would look like when he reached manhood. It was an odd thought, but he brushed it aside as he saw his brother’s garb. Alien as it was, looking out in the crowd revealed it to be quite commonplace…as opposed to his own clothing, which stood out like a sore thumb.

    "I’m…going to need something different to wear, aren’t I?"

    { ☩ } He allowed Trevor all the time he needed to process this world — the black rivers of tar, the screaming metal beasts, the lamps that burned without flame.  All of these curiosities of the modern world had not lost their strangeness to him, but Alucard had at least come to terms with their development.  He knew, intellectually, what they were and how they worked.  Even if the world seemed alien, its customs different, its people were driven by the same motivations as any other.  That was enough.

    He cast a smile down on the youth and gave a quick pat to his jerkin.  “Aye, that’d be best.”  Alucard tied up the length of his dark hair into a messy bun that was less likely to draw attention.  It was less inconvenient, now that men once more grew their hair as long as his had been — if they so chose.  Other eras had been less forgiving.

    "I’ve money to go shopping with.  All you need to do is point out what you’d like.  We’ll start with better clothes and see how to proceed from there."  He was taking things slowly, guiding Trevor as one would a blind man.  Why would he not?  This time was utterly foreign to the boy.

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Dracul WIP ;)
Have a nice Day :)


    Dracul WIP ;)

    Have a nice Day :)

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  • bloodanddye:

    A comforting warmth still held to the ground and trees of the park, remnant’s of the summer day’s heat. Emily walked slowly through the grass, her feet bare and her sneakers tied together and draped over her shoulders. She could practically feel the sunlight still lingering in the grass as it tickled her toes. The simplicity and beauty of it brought a smile to her face and swept away so many of her worries. In fact, she very nearly lost herself in the tranquility of the moment. That was, until she sensed him.

    With preternatural speed, and a teenager’s gracelessness, she stumbled forward, dropping her sneakers, before clamouring up a nearby tree. He was far older than she was, most likely be several centuries. If he wished her dead, there was nothing could could do. So instead she hid amongst the branches.

    'Pleasedon'tfindmepleasedon'tfindme' she thought to herself over and over again. 'Please don't find me.'

    { ☩ } They were not so uncommon, these little wanderings of his, stalking through the nighttime shadows of the mortal world, haunting the after-images of the day while he yet still could.  It was conducive to observation, this wandering, and he did it throughout the years, watching the zeitgeist of ages shift like rolling glaciers across time.

    He gathered shadows to himself like an aegis, moving unseen through the deepening twilight. — And then he sensed one like him, one of the blood but no kin to him.  Alucard stilled, considering.  It would be no surprise to him that they had sensed him in turn, and it was a possibility that he was forced to account for.

    What threat they posed remained to be seen, but he was confident that hostility could be dealt with.  Hostility was simple.  Aggression was simple.  It was the thoughtful vampire that worried him most.  He wandered slowly through the night, now; his movements filled with purpose, tracking down the trail of this other one through the park.  They were not far.

    At last he concluded that they were young in the blood — no fresh sapling, but no rival to his own millennium of existence.  Wolven eyes pierced the darkness. “I’m no elder to  hunt the young ones without due purpose.” He said at last.  There was no need to raise his voice — they would hear him.  It was meant as a conciliatory gesture, a promise.  Alucard felt no qualms taking the lives of his brethren should he judge it fit to do so — but never did he arbitrarily strike them down.  Mainly, he sought to be alone and at peace, but threats to his domain he would not take kindly.

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  • bis-maledictus:


    Some part of him, the rational side not weighted down by unholy hunger, didn’t expect blood to gush into his mouth so easily as it had. The part thought perhaps it would take more to draw blood from a creature classified as, dead. The animal in the vampire laughed in the face of this foolish thought.

    The nectar welling up from broken veins and flesh was sweeter than anything he’d ever tasted in his life, save for one. Though that one was a nearly impossible item to acquire. This, the liquid life of his beloved twin, would be held on par with that rare commodity all the same. 

    Throat moved at a steady rhythm,  with each gulp it was like a hand reached into his chest and soothed the pain away. No matter how brightly the fire inside burned he would never waste a single drop of that precious offering. 

    { ☩ } He sighed needlessly, the expulsion of air from withered lungs brushing past the curve of his counterpart’s ear.  It was not unlike dying, he thought. He recalled the first time — the slow churning of blood in his torn veins, his body betraying him, blood gushing from his wounds with every beat of his heart.  Yet Trevor’s end was agonizing, traumatic.  Here, there was no fear.  No hatred.  No death but the death that had claimed him already.  He gave of himself freely, blood flowing into blood.  It was, he thought, a fair gift for one so precious.

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  • darckcarnival:

    Thankful would be an understatement when Trevor dropped the previous subject and went on to the next subject. It made her smile slightly, and shrug a moment.

    "I don’t know if spoiling me is what has happened. I’m the one that spoils you~."

    { ☩ } “Do you?” He murmured, the smile still faintly upon his lips.  “You’ve been rather lax with your gifts lately.  No more blood candies, really?”  He gently chides the young one, anything to provide companionship and distraction.  She would be forced to face her troubles soon, he knew, but if he could but alleviate the pain of it for even a moment, he would do so.

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